The Wonders of Zinc

We always see Zinc together with other essential vitamins and minerals on milk and supplement commercials branded as an immune system booster. It decreases oxidative stress and fights free radicals thus improving our body’s immunity levels to fight common colds and other infections but these are not the only wonders it does. Adding this traceContinue reading “The Wonders of Zinc”

Did you know that Vitamin C is more than just an immune system booster?

For athletes like Dondon Hontiveros, it helps in protein metabolism to rebuild muscle after an intense training. It also keeps testosterone levels high in males to help the body keep up the top level performance required during games. When it comes to joints and tendons, Vitamin C is used to form collagen – the glueContinue reading “Did you know that Vitamin C is more than just an immune system booster?”

Oxidation and Oxidative Stress

The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in our drips act as an antioxidants that counteract oxidative stress. Oxidation happens during millions of processes that take place in our bodies, including: It increases when we are physically and emotionally stressed. But as long as you have enough antioxidants, balance is maintained and damage is prevented inContinue reading “Oxidation and Oxidative Stress”