“One of my personal mantras (like a lot of women) has always been “to age gracefully”. And this has motivated and inspired me to be my best self. I have always been an active person, and my work in marketing and sales entails a lot of activities that require me to always be energetic andContinue reading “BOBETTE OUANO”


“Besides regular exercise and proper diet, I make sure I get at least twice a month the Fountain of Youth drip from IV Trifusion Nutrient Therapy. I feel like I’m able to do what I need to do na hindi nagkakasakit (without getting sick). Because of that drip, I’m always on the go.” – DONDONContinue reading “DONDON HONTIVEROS”


“The job took me through a harrowing week of travel between hot Bantayan Island (almost 30 degree heat!), back to Cebu city, straight to Macau in 17 degree rainy weather, and then to sunny Bohol. Straight up for a week! I made sure I boosted my immune system for this onslaught with my favorite FountainContinue reading “JUDE BACALSO”