“One of my personal mantras (like a lot of women) has always been “to age gracefully”.
And this has motivated and inspired me to be my best self.

I have always been an active person, and my work in marketing and sales entails a lot of activities that require me to always be energetic and on the go. I have to be in tip-top shape to keep up with the demands of my work/business.

But as we age, our body loses a lot of nutrients and we reach a point where we need “help”, no matter how much we take care of ourselves by eating a balanced diet, going to the gym regularly for workouts, and living a really active lifestyle.

I have been skeptic in going and trying some clinics that offer a variety of options for a person to “look good and feel good”.
It was incidental and very fortunate for me to have come across the DRIP. Being skeptic, I asked several questions as to its benefits, and finally decided to try it as I thought I really had nothing to lose.

I’m on my 7th, and I must say I have experienced all the benefits first hand, after just a couple of days from when I started.
I don’t get tired easily. I have more than enough energy to get me through the day.
Stress can never get the better of me. I have also noticed that my skin has become more supple and has brightened. Yes, … even at this age.

It’s so much like feeling 30 “ish” again (wink, wink).

And believe me, I truly feel good about my body, and myself.
Yup! I am aging gracefully! :)”

Businesswoman/Marketing and Sales

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